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First Aid Training Birmingham was founded in 2011 by a group of former Paramedics, who realised that whilst there were plenty of organizations catering for the First Aid at Work requirements in and around Birmingham, research showed that the training was a grudge purchase, with companies trying to comply with legislation. First Aid training organizations therefore tend to churn out a subject with little or no knowledge of the practice behind the theory, resulting in a culture of box ticking courses.


First Aid Training Birmingham was set up to address work related First Aid courses, ensuring that regardless if customers were doing the short 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work training or the longer 3 day First Aid at Work courses, or even our 1 and 2 day Child Paediatric First Aid, the training would carry a bit more substance, allowing for more student interaction and interest in the subject, and subsequently better retention of knowledge and better outcomes for people being treated for work related First Aid situations.

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